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2018 Midwest Pinzgauer Association Royalty Contest

It`s the time of the year to get ready for the Midwest Pinzgauer Association Royalty Contest. The contest is open to all junior members in good standing. As before you need to do a cover letter, resume, and answer the 3 essay questions. You can find examples of resumes and cover letters on the internet. You may have someone proof read your application. If a male wins the title will be Midwest Pinzgauer Ambassador.

A copy of the cover letter (cover letter only) will be sent to the MWPA President Todd Andreshak. It is your responsibility to check with the President and myself to make sure your application was received. The newest revision of the Rules and Expectations will be on the Midwest Pinzgauer Association website and in the newsletter. Winner will be announced at the District Show.

Cover Letter, resume, and essay questions to:                                   Cover letter to:

Barb Schmoock                                                                                          Todd Andreshak

E4526 Cty. Rd. FF                                                                                      4177 Cardinal Ln.

Kewaunee, WI 54216                                                                               Edgar, WI 54426

920-901-0822                                                                                            715-846-3713

buttercupbeef@gmail.com                                                                    todd.andreshak@linetec.com

Applications need to be to me by May 15, 2018. Same with the cover letter to Todd Andreshak.

I am encouraging ALL junior members to enter.

The essay questions for this year are as follows:

1.       What does it mean to be a beef breeder in the 21st Century?

2.       What are 3 signs of a sick calf?

3.       What is the sheet that lists the sire and dam of a purebred animal called?

Why is it important?


Good Luck to all!


Barb Schmoock
2018 Rules and Expectations for Midwest Pinzgauer Royalty Contest

The royalty contest is open to all juniors that are actively involved in the Pinzgauer breed, and are members in good standing.

The application for the Royalty Contest consists of:

1.      Cover letter

2.      Resume

3.      3 essay questions (to be determined)

Your application will be judged on your involvement with Pinzgauer cattle and with the Midwest Pinzgauer Association. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation are also important. (You are allowed to have an adult proof read your application).

If you are chosen as Queen/Ambassador or as a member of the court there are expectations of you. Remember you are representing the MWPA and the Pinzgauer Breed.

You will conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner. If asked questions be polite and answer the questions to the best of your ability. If you do not know the answer direct them to someone you believe can help them.

Appropriate attire shall be worn. No exposed undergarments, sagging pants, bare midriff, short or excessively tight garments.

You will need to attend 3 of the Midwest Pinzgauer Association events:

1.      Junior District show

2.      Open District show

3.      Farm Technology Days

4.      Representative at the American Pinzgauer Association National Show

5.      Midwest Horse Fair steak trailer

6.      World Beef Expo

World beef expo is a must.  If for some reason you are not able to attend you will make arrangements to make sure the sash does go for a court member or another junior to wear. If these expectations are not meet your forfeit the monetary gift at the end of your reign. Upon receiving your receipt and sending it to the treasurer for appeal you will get your reimbursement check of up to $50.

Again remember you are a representative for the Pinzgauer Breed and the Midwest Pinzgauer Association.

The MWPA thanks you for your participation and good luck to everyone!